Speech Technology eWeekly - October 14, 2020

Speech Technology News

Mitchell Releases Hands-Free Tech for Auto Repair Facilities

Mitchell Intelligent Vision features a voice interface for hands-free collision repair workflows.

InnoMedia Partners with VoIP.ms on Voice-Enabled Speakerphone

InnoMedia's BuddyTalk speakers are powered by Amazon Alexa Voice Services.

TransPerfect Launches StudioNEXT 2.0

StudioNEXT 2.0 enables cloud streaming for dubbing and voiceover projects.

Orbita Adds to OrbitaENGAGE

OrbitaENGAGE now supports new proactive campaigns and connections between healthcare providers and their patients with added voice capabilities.

Quil Offers Voice-Enabled Quil Assure

Quil Assure helps seniors maintain independence at home with a voice-enabled platform that connects to caregivers and loved ones.


Mitigating Bias in Speech Recognition Systems

The fault, dear Siri, is not in our voices, but in our choices

Industry Voices

Does Your Intelligent Assistant Really Understand You?

Intelligent virtual assistants still need improvements, analysts conclude after five leading systems are put to the test.