Speech Technology eWeekly - May 28, 2008


The Drive's on to Cut In-Car Texting

In response to a survey that found a high number of people send text messages while driving, speech recognition company vlingo today called for a greater adoption of speech technologies in the mobile market.

Speech Technology News

Microsoft Add-On Lets Anyone Create Talking Documents (Almost)

Users of Microsoft Word can now produce content in popular assistive technology format.

Intervoice Launches Full Multichannel Contact Portal

End-to-end contact center solution focuses on customer-centric cost reductions.

Nuance to Develop a Rival to Sync

Partnership with Intel and Wind River Systems hopes to yield a more open platform for car voice systems.


Ethics in VUI Design

Offer advice that you can back up with evidence.

Market Spotlights

Market Spotlight: Travel & Hospitality

The Sky's the Limit for IVRs