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November/December 2023

Magazine Features

Industry-Standard Speech App Building Blocks Take Shape

Interface interoperability is becoming closer to reality, but more work is needed.

10 Tips for Maximizing Content for Voice Search

A quarter of the world's population uses voice search, and the numbers are only going to rise.


Editor's Letter

Interoperability Benefits Everyone, So Everyone Should Get Behind It

While the need to improve interoperability is clear, a lot of work must be done to forge a comprehensive set of standards.

Forward Thinking

Large Language Models Will Transform Conversational Assistants

Thanks to generative AI, conversational assistants will become everyday helpers.

In Other Words

Automatic Dialogue Replacement Will Translate to Big Profits

Voice-to-voice translation is one of the most potentially lucrative uses for voice cloning technology.


Generative AI and Speech Technology: Proceed with Caution

With great power comes great responsibility.

A View from AVIOS

A Perfect Storm of Speech Technologies

Now's the time to consider what new applications might be possible.

Voice Value

Speech System Designers Need to Hold Procedural Memory in Mind

Don't assume all users will be able to follow design updates.


NYC Mayor Uses Voice Tech for Multilingual Robocalls

The robocalls, delivered via voice clone tech, present information on city job fairs and other events in Spanish, Yiddish, Haitian Creole, Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, and several other languages.

Voice’s New Frontier: Diabetes Detection

Research has found significant vocal variations in people with and without type 2 diabetes and suggests that voice technologies could be used to detect the condition.

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