Agent-Assisted Speech Recognition


Many businesses are finding themselves victims of their own success, overwhelmed by the increasing volume of incoming customer calls to place orders, complete transactions, or seek information.

TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION: Agent-Assisted Speech Recognition

A call center that drives customers to self-service first but offers agent assistance as needed can lead to high first-call resolution, positive brand impressions, customer satisfaction, lower costs, and a greater acceptance of automation.

Product: Intervoice NuContact Center
Delivery Method: Web-based and installed software
Price: Ranges between $2,000 to $2,500 per agent.
Functionality: Intervoice NuContact Center provides a single platform for a number of call center applications, including CTI screen pops, CRM integration, voice and email response, multisite networking, disaster recovery, automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), and Web collaboration. It can route any type of customer contact—phone call, email, Web chat, voice message, or fax—to self-service or live-agent assistance as needed. Shutters is a window management tool that automatically opens application windows as needed on the live agent's screen. An automatic fail-over prevents lost calls.
Business Benefits: The product provides rapid adaptation to a particular business and flexibility to change, double-digit agent productivity gains, improved first-call resolution percentages, integration with CRM databases, low-cost deployment, low operating costs, and an ability to route calls to agents wherever they are.
Contact: Intervoice at 1-888-665-5777 (U.S. and Canada), 1-972-454-8000 (international), www.intervoice.com.

Product: Voxify Automated Agents
Delivery Method: Hosted or on-premises managed service
Pricing: Usage-based, on-demand pricing varies by situation and customer.
Functionality: Automated agents model the intelligence and personality of a trained live agent, allowing them to engage callers in sophisticated dialogue to perform advanced customer service functions, like reservations, sales, and account requests. Should calls need to be transferred to customer service representatives, data collected by Voxify prior to transfer can be seamlessly passed to CSRs to minimize additional talk time and maximize caller satisfaction. Reports on agent performance can be drafted daily, weekly, or monthly.
Business Benefits: Automated Agents are helping call center organizations in different industries deliver new services, close more sales, and handle unplanned call volumes without hiring additional staff, keeping costs low.
Contact: Voxify at 1-510-545-5015, www.voxify.com.

Product: Angel.com Virtual Call Center
Delivery Method: Web-based, hosted
Price: On-demand, usage-based pricing starts at 12 cents per minute.
Functionality: The Virtual Call Center combines the call distribution capabilities of an automatic call distribution (ACD) system with the data collection capabilities of an interactive voice response (IVR) system in one Web interface. It can queue and route calls based on the skills of live agents; monitor calls in real time; record and archive calls and issue reports on call volume, call history, and call queue usage; and integrate easily with other CRM applications.
Business Benefits: No investment in hardware, software, or maintenance. By enabling users to build IVR and call center applications with point-and-click tools through the browser-based Site Builder tool kit, technical barriers to entry are eliminated and application changes can be made. Customers get immediate access to new features and enhancements without paying for upgrades or maintenance.
Contact: Angel.com at 1-888-MYANGEL, www.angel.com.


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