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BUSINESS PROBLEM: You need to get a single message out to a large group of people, but you don’t have the time or resources to call each person individually.
TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION: Mass Message Delivery Systems
Mass message delivery systems let you reach a group of any size with a single voice, text, or email message in minutes with just one call to upload the message. 

Product: Group2call Voice & Message Broadcast Service
Delivery Method: Web-based application.
Pricing: Different plans exist. A pay-per-call plan starts at 6 cents per call, monthly plans start at $15, and annual contracts start at $1.50 per contact.
Functionality:  Through Group2call’s Web-based Message Center, users can set up, create, and change account information or message delivery preferences, upload contacts manually or import them from spreadsheet or text files, create message templates, and upload messages. Group2call also lets users know if the message was received by a person or answering machine, view replies, send follow-up information, and more.
Business Benefits: From a single home page, users can upload their messages, view message queues, track messages in real time, view replies, and even reply to contacts. Users can also call a toll free number to record messages or send them as text via email or SMS.
Contact: Group2call at 1-866-494-3885; www.group2call.com.

Product: SendWordNow’s SWN Mobile Service
Delivery Method: Web-based service.
Pricing: Organizations pay according to the number of contacts in their accounts, for the phone time used, and for any premium features. Yearly subscription plans are also available.
Functionality: SWN Mobile Service, in combination with SWN Alert Service, provides two-way messaging for Treos and BlackBerrys, ensuring that organizations can reliably reach decision-makers and other tactical employees anytime, anywhere, in real time. All communication is tracked and status and results recorded to document that the correct information has been relayed in a timely fashion. 
Business Benefits: SWN Mobile Service allow companies to prearrange workflows so that prestored response information for specific situations can be pushed out quickly, enabling faster, more consistent, and more appropriate responses to time-critical situations.
Contact: SendWordNow at 1-212-379-4900; www.sendwordnow.com.

Product: ifbyphone Smart Voice Broadcasts
Delivery Method: Web-based application.
Pricing: Plans start at $14.95 for up to 100 minutes of calls.
Functionality: Voice Broadcasts can include recorded and dynamic information, customer service surveys, and an option for recipients to connect directly to a business with a simple voice prompt. Call Tracking provides data on numbers that were dialed by the system, whether the message reached a live person or an answering machine, if the call was transferred, and more.
Business Benefits: The Voice Broadcast service allows users to spread calls over any time period, control the number of simultaneous calls, and integrate their voice broadcast services with existing applications via a flexible API. Voice broadcasts can even integrate with exising databases, Web services, and business applications. The ifbyphone SurVo Voice Form Web-based IVR services support interactive integration with any Web-accessible database or application.   
Contact: ifbyphone at 1-877-295-5100; www.ifbyphone.com.

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