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BUSINESS PROBLEM: Human resources professionals are constantly challenged with trying to identify the most capable and dependable applicants from an often very large pool of candidates. Failing to conduct effective pre-employment screening can result in poor workforce productivity, potential lawsuits, damaged company reputation, and financial loss.

TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION: Voice Risk Assessment Solutions
Voice risk analysis uses an applicant’s own voice patterns to identify his level of risk regarding unlawful acts, such as theft, drug use, and bribery, or a general lack of integrity.

Product: Nemesysco LVA-i Employment Solutions
Delivery Method: Installed, embedded, or multichannel server-based software.
Pricing: Pricing model is based on an initial software purchase (starting at $750, including handset and 20 tests) and costs per each additional test, (starting at $15).
Functionality: LVA-i uses a combination of advanced questionnaire methodology and layered voice analysis (LVA) technology to provide insight into the integrity and risk potential of employment candidates. It can estimate a candidate’s liability potential by analyzing the emotional content of his voice when responding to specific questions. The engine produces a final assessment for the candidate, identifying his ethical inclinations, what portions of his response he is uncertain about, what questions require more of his mental attention, and what topic areas appear to be sensitive issues for him. The solution is language-independent and can be customized with testing topics that meet any organization’s specific needs.
Business Benefits: LVA-i provides an integrity-risk score that employers can use as a supportive indicator for next-step interviews with an applicant. Modular questioning templates enable testing on a wide range of topics and promote fair hiring practices by providing unbiased assessments.
Contact: Nemesysco at +972-9-885-3864; www.nemesysco.com.

Product: Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) II
Delivery Method: Installed or embedded software.
Pricing: Ranges from $395 to install the basic software on an existing Windows-based PC to $11,995 for a full installation built into a new notebook computer.
Functionality: CVSA II uses the National Institute for Truth Verification’s patented voice stress analysis scoring algorithm, called the Final Analysis Confirmation Tool (FACT), to detect, measure, and quantify microtremors in the human voice. It then displays those tremors, manifest as frequency modulations, in easy-to-understand, real-time graphs, along with the subject’s answers. The system does not limit users to questions that require just yes or no answers, and works with live or recorded audio.
Business Benefits: CVSA—field-tested by military and law enforcement agencies—has been shown to be 98 percent accurate, fast (completing a full analysis in about 40 minutes), and cost-effective (at about one-third the price of a typical polygraph machine). It’s also very portable, requiring just a microphone connected to a PC.
Contact: National Institute for Truth Verification at 1-888-266-7263; www.cvsa1.com.

Product: DigiLog’s Advanced Validation Solutions (AVS)
Delivery Method: Installed software.
Pricing: Varies by nature of deployment, volume, and length of contract, but a typical four- to six-month pilot involving between four and 20 seats starts at around $35,000.
Functionality: Combining Nemesysco’s Voice Risk Analysis (VRA) technology with DigiLog’s own behavioral analysis techniques, known as Narrative Integrity Analysis, AVS performs thousands of mathematical calculations to extract more than 120 emotional data parameters from each voice segment. These result in the identification of nine major categories of emotional content and 30 signposts to truth, uncertainty, or deception. The technology can be used during live conversations or on recorded audio to screen applicants and claimants, profile security risks, and conduct interviews.
Business Benefits: The solution allows users to fast-track settlements for genuine customers, defend repudiation decisions, cut fraud costs, provide enhanced job satisfaction and staff retention, increase marketplace competitiveness, and significantly enhance profitability.
Contact: DigiLog at +44-1494-582-021; www.digilogUK.com.

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