• March 1, 2012
  • By Leonard Klie Editor, Speech Technology and CRM magazines
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Overheard Underheard

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Can’t get enough of the blue-haired matriarch of TV’s most famous family? Well now you can take Marge Simpson with you in the car.

Navigation systems manufacturer TomTom in late January added Marge Simpson and Mr. Burns, Homer’s boss at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, to its lineup of celebrity voices for its GPS devices. Marge and Mr. Burns join Homer Simpson, which has become the most downloaded character voice of all time, as voices for TomTom GPS apps and personal navigation devices.

These character voices have been developed in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, The Gracie Films Worldwide Brand Division, and Locutio Voice Technologies, a developer of premium branded celebrity voices for GPS devices.

The rational Marge instructs drivers: Exit right ahead. Hmmm...It smells a little funky in here. Was Homer in this car? Mr. Burns, on the other hand, is as bold and direct as Simpsons fans might expect: Take the third right. Do it, driving monkey! and Take the exit on the right. Trust me, I’m an evil billionaire.

The voices of Homer, Marge, and Mr. Burns are exclusively available for download to the TomTom App for iPhone and iPad for $5.99 or for download onto a TomTom personal navigation device for $12.95. Now who could say “D’oh” to that?

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