2021 State of the Speech Technology Industry

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Understandably, 2020 will forever be synonymous with COVID-19 and its terrible toll, both on public health and the economy. It is hard to locate any silver linings in such a grim year. Yet it became clear early on in the pandemic that speech technology had a crucial role to play. Intelligent virtual assistants, equipped with conversational AI, allowed businesses and organizations to cope with the tremendous spike in service call volume, and speech recognition provided a contactless way for consumers to reach out for important information. Speech analytics worked to decipher customer sensitivities and frustration, and voice biometrics kept critical customer data secure as all activity suddenly shifted online. These and other advances helped businesses and customers alike get through a very tough time. For a detailed look at the speech industry’s contributions, click on the topics below.

The State of Speech Engines

The State of Speech Development Platforms

The State of Speech Analytics

The State of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

The State of Voice Biometrics

The State of Assistive Technology

The State of Artificial Intelligence

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