EveryZing RAMPs Up

Video search engine EveryZing announced today the launch of RAMP, a management console for the company’s ezSEARCH and ezSEO hosted solutions, both of which went live in February and count the Dow Jones, Reuters, and Boston.com as current customers.

ezSEARCH refines multimedia search for end users by providing a single search box—much like text-based search engines. ezSEO optimizes multimedia search engines in a way that increases discoverability and placement of audio and video content on commonly-used search engines.

RAMP, which stands for Reach, Access, Monetization, and Protection, gives media companies greater control over their online content by customizing topic searches and navigation, as well as managing targeted ads. Using a basic point-and-click interface, RAMP allows non-technical users to control the way their content appears on customer sites as specific needs dictate. Additionally, RAMP retains a power user function such that more technical users, if they want, can manage templates either through point-and-click or by accessing the code itself. Wilde likens RAMP to Dreamweaver, which makes uses a GUI to enable HTML programming to a wider populace.

Prior to RAMP, customers had to go through EveryZing to make changes to their content. "It was sort of a back office solution where we handled all of that on behalf of our customer, which worked fine, but didn’t scale well," says EveryZing CEO Tom Wilde. "And our customers were requesting this control in their hands."

For instance, radio company Cox Radio leverages EveryZing’s search technology for 68 of its stations. Having to go through back-office channels to customize topic searches was a particularly unwieldy endeavor.

"Controlling the brand, the context of consumption, and the associated advertising is an essential component to media companies’ and other infotainment sites’ online success," Wilde said in a release. Because major search engines like Google only scour for text, EveryZing leverages STT technology to enable search engine crawlers to mine multimedia content. "RAMP allows companies to be in command of their own content and user experience," Wilde added, "giving them the power to determine how their content is edited, distributed and discovered—putting them in control of their brand and business model."

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