Flight Simulators Get a Voice

Voice analysis technologies provider Nemesysco will provide its layered voice analysis (LVA) technologies to BVR Systems, a provider of training and simulation solutions, for use in its virtual flight simulators for the military.

The two companies officially announced the deal earlier this week, but the technology was first introduced at the Paris International Air Show in mid-June.

LVA provides extensive indications to a speaker’s mental condition by sampling voice wave spectrums on millisecond time scales, and then analyzing the waves through acoustic analysis combined with unique voice analysis technologies, to calculate various parameters indicating levels of stress. By using a wide-range spectrum analysis to detect involuntary changes in the speech waveform itself, LVA can detect anomalies in brain activity and classify them in terms of stress, excitement, deception, and varying emotional states, accordingly. It works in real time or from recorded materials.

"By measuring stress levels and other emotions of a person operating a flight simulator, one can get an idea about emotional and cognitive levels and add it to the overall calculation of the simulation results. In some cases, this may turn out to be a crucial factor in decisions based on these results," explains Amir Liberman, CEO of Nemesysco, which is based in Israel.

Integrating Nemesysco’s LVA technologies into the flight simulators "provides a whole new aspect of the training and debriefing and enhances the benefits for our customers" says Ilan Gillies, CEO, of BVR.

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