Just Utter Something to Connect Online

Utterz, which provides a service that allows users to connect with their online social circle via mobile phone, announced today new connections to YouTube, LiveSpaces, Drupal, Yahoo!Groups, and Twixter. These additions join previous connections Utterz has with WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, LiveJournal, and Facebook.

Individuals using the service can send voice messages, videos, pictures, or text from their mobile phones to the social networking sites of their choice. After signing up for the service, a caller can dial in from her cell phone and leave a voice message that will be uploaded as blog entries or updates to whichever social networking sites she assigns. Disparate messages sent within a 10-minute window will be mashed together as a single entry.    

Since launching in beta last fall, Utterz president and co-founder Randy Corke claims roughly 100,000 posts have been made through Utterz. "Certainly voice has been very popular, because if you think about it, Utterz makes blogging as simple as talking," he says. "But I would say the most the typical post is a combination of voice, text and a picture, with the second most popular being a video and text."  

Additionally, Utterz’s online portal leverages Webcams and microphones, allowing users to construct multimedia posts online. "It’s literally easier to post in multimedia through Utterz to other sites, than to create the multimedia posts on the other sites directly," Corke says.

Utterz caters to the needs of consumers as their mobility increases. Corke adds that Utterz currently seeks to add more capabilities for users listening and responding to their entries by phone. Today's announced connections to YouTube and Yahoo!Groups among others comes due to Utterz users wanting increased connectivity to more varied networking and file sharing sites.  

While the core service will always remain free to subscribers, Utterz plans to add premium paid services and advertising to the site to generate income.

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