Jack Greene, Executive Director, New Business Resources

How did New Business Resources get formed?

Jack Greene With the down turn in the economy the typical standard "annual subscription" model used by the majority of analyst firms was not working. This was becoming more evident by the cost cutting by the major firms. Many clients were dropping their services, while others simply could not afford them. This is where I saw an opportunity, to offer the same high-level of service on an as needed basis.

What are the company's primary objectives?

JG Our primary objective is to provide a cost efficient, high quality, alternative and/or enhancement to other resources that clients may utilize. New Business Resources is a collaborative of preeminent, independent industry professionals and solution provider focusing on providing business intelligence and research support to emerging technology companies. We also maintain relationships with a number of highly experienced individuals and organizations offering a wealth of industry expertise in marketing, wireless technologies, telecommunications, voice recognition, financial services and enterprise software. Our services provide executives a cost effective and efficient resource in order to make informed business decisions.

What types of support can you offer other business and what are your areas of expertise?

JG Some of the major areas include: Contact Center applications and technologies; Computer Telephone & Communications Convergence; CRM; Broadband Lan; IVR Applications Natural Language Understanding; Multimedia Messaging; Unified Messaging; Wi-Fi Markets & Technologies; and Voice Recognition

Please explain your business model and pricing structure.

JG Our business model and pricing are designed to meet the need of our clients. Key to this model is offering a pay as needed basis. Many times management requests an additional perspective before making a final key business decision. Our flagship service referred to as Priority One Service was designed to meet this need. The pricing for this is $1,500 and provides our clients with direct access to a leading industry analyst. Priority One Plus is based upon the notion that two heads are better than one! In this scenario we can provide three analysts to review your issue to provide a broader perspective to your issue. Priority One Plus is priced at $4,500. The cost for these services may vary depending on the level of attention needed. We do have the ability to conduct high-level consulting assignments and have been called upon by some leading companies to do so. These projects are priced on a case-by-case basis.

How do your consulting services differ from others in the industry?

JG Our main differentiation is that each NBR analyst possesses a minimum of 15 years experience, with many actively involved in standards boards and industry associations. The current economy is forcing many of the traditional large firms to increasingly rely on less experienced analyst's to perform much of their research work.

What steps do you take to assess a company's needs before the actual work begins?

JG This is a key point in how we conduct our business. A solution cannot be provided until we fully understand the needs of the client. Initially, a conference call is established with each of the necessary personnel to clearly outline the issues needing attention. This conversation is typically concluded with a determination of next steps. For our Priority One Service, the client will then typically forward a PowerPoint presentation outlining their issues. The designated analyst will spend an appropriate amount of time reviewing this information to begin formulating his/her suggestions. A Teleconference call is then set up in which the client and analysts can actively discuss the issues, findings and next step suggestions.

What is the greatest benefit a company can gain from outside consulting services?

JG Many times people's enthusiasm as well as their focus on the product or service they are working on sometimes blinds them to what is happening outside of their firm. Or while they may be knowledgeable to known competitive threats, they may be totally unaware of other products or services that may threaten their work. Using outside resources gives companies a definite advantage. They are able to gain insight on competitive or market changes. Further, many marketing budgets are cut to the point where there are not enough internal resources to conduct a complete market analysis. Many times companies decide on which firm to use based upon their popularity of their name. We suggest that you take time to understand whom you will be dealing with and what to expect from that firm. Lastly, it is not what you know that will hurt your chances of success. It is what you don't know.

Can you give an example of a recent company which you provided services to and how you helped their business?

JG Recently, a well know Fortune 500, high tech company contacted us because they were not experiencing the success they had hoped for in selling one of their hardware products. They needed assistance in getting to high level, key decision makers at the principle wireless carriers. In less than three hours, NBR was able to construct a list of these contacts including e-mail and phone numbers. Our client used this information to construct a national sales plan, which is currently being implemented.

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