[24]7 Launches Virtual Agent Technology

[24]7 has launched its 24]7 Virtual Agent solution, using technology it gained during its acquisition of IntelliResponse late last year.

[24]7's virtual agent solution will be powered by IntelliResponse's technology, which serves more than 160 customers in the health insurance, financial services, telecommunications, education, and utilities sectors around the world.

[24]7 Virtual Agent combines digital self-service technology and live-agent assistance in a single integrated solution, allowing customers who cannot complete their journeys in self-service to escalate to a live agent in real time.

[24]7's unique patented software can recognize variants in natural human language and turn it into a single core question that is mapped to the one, accurate answer. Moreover, algorithms can also recommend related questions, based on the original question asked, for a more guided customer journey. For example, if a customer has asked about bill payment options, the algorithm might also suggest how to schedule a recurring bill payment or how to correct a bill payment error. [24]7 virtual agents can also deliver relevant offers to the customer.

[24]7 has virtual agent and knowledge management technology with real-time offer management and customer intelligence tools. The company's patented virtual agent technology handles more than 75 million transactions per year.

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