Australia-based HiTech Telecom Deploys MERA's Softswitch for Ready Interconnection with iBasis

TORONTO, Canada - HiTech Telecom, an Australian VoIP wholesaler, has deployed MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch (MVTS) for transit switching of VoIP calls going though its international VoIP network.

HiTech Telecom needed a solution that can provide handling of VoIP calls in its multivendor network. HiTech Telecom has deployed MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch (MVTS) in its headquarters in Sydney as the core element of its network. MVTS collects VoIP calls from the Telco's points of presence (PoPs) in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia and routes them to its multiple partners, ensuring that each call is sent to the most reliable and cost-effective routes. MVTS provides a RADIUS interface for interaction with HiTech's proprietary external routing tool, which enables call routing based on a wide variety of parameters - including cost/quality ratio, network load and availability, route performance and many more. Using this information, MVTS enables least-cost routing (LCR), quality of service routing and other call handling capabilities.

Another benefit of MVTS for the Sydney-based wholesaler is the ability to unite its multivendor points of presence and establish ready interconnections with partner networks across the globe. As an example, MVTS is utilized for interconnects with such carriers as iBasis, Teleglobe, Primus, Global Crossing and other global leaders.

The MVTS softswitch is "off-the-shelf" interoperable with iBasis' global VoIP network - a carrier of international voice traffic - based on the results of the compatibility testing between MERA and iBasis carried out under the MERA Friendly interoperability initiative and iBasis Direct VoIP program.

"We have chosen MERA as one of the most flexible softswitch solutions available in the market," comments Amadu Yahaya, CEO of HiTech Telecom. "A big advantage of MERA is their ability to deliver exactly what you want - they tailor the product to your specific needs. When we were deploying the solution, MERA's highly competent engineers have made several very important product enhancements by our request. We are pleased to know that MERA is willing to ensure that their softswitch provides a hand-in-glove fit to our requirements - and this is a value that is not so easy to find nowadays. Besides, a critical requirement for us was ready scalability of the softswitch, in view of our planned network expansion in the next few months. MERA's distributed architecture provides for fast and easy capacity upgrade, which makes us ready for future growth."

"As softswitch technology matures, we are ensuring that our network is interoperable with leading softswitches through our DirectVoIP Certified interoperability program," comments Paul Floyd, iBasis senior vice president of RandD, Operations, and Engineering. "Working together with MERA, we are helping carriers utilize high quality softswitch technology and an efficient interconnection to our global network  without extra cost or significant modifications to their network topology. Such partnership between vendors and carriers is one of the drivers of VoIP industry growth." 

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