Clarity Technologies Awarded Additional Patents

TROY , MI - Clarity Technologies Inc. has received its third patent in the area of improving the quality and performance of voice communications.  This patent deals with the integration and processing of a sensing device including an array of sensor processor cells arranged into a detection array for a single device. 


Clarity currently has approximately 20 additional patents pending which include technology for Voice Signal Extraction, Directional Sound Acquisition, Audio Visual Speech Recognition, Noise Reduction in Sub-banded Speech Signals and a Multi-Microphone System for a Handheld Device.  


Clarity Technologies' first patent was issued in September 2003 for Blind Signal Separation which is a signal processing system with at least one sensor detecting a number of input signals including at least one source signal, a signal separation architecture that defines a relationship between the input and output signals, an update processor coupled to the architecture for determining a rate of change for time varying parameters, and an output processor coupled to the architecture for providing output signals.


In February, a second patent for Adaptive State Space Signal Separation was granted which is a signal processing system and method for separating a number of input signals into a number of output signals.

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