CyberExtruder Selects Acapela Text-to-speech

NEW YORK - Inc., a New Jersey company that has developed proprietary software that, in just a few seconds, converts a single 2-dimensional (2D) image into a fully developed 3-dimensional (3D) model that is ready to animate, has added Acapela's text to speech engine to derive a even greater level of personalization. 

This breakaway technology enables any of us to use our own face in web, mobile, and chat applications. Using CyberExtruder's back-end 3D-rendering technology, any service can easily offer to its end users and subscribers an amazing feature that can be viewed online or sent to mobile handsets. A CyberExtruder 3D-model is matched up with an audio file (WAV, MP3, AIF as examples), which produce an animation that is seen to 'voice' the recording (e.g. song or speech). 

Using Acapela high quality text to speech, your 3D model will speak in real time, using your own words, with a female or male voice. Acapela text to speech generates smooth and natural sounding voices, providing high intelligibility and naturalness to end-user. The automatic intonation reflects the meaning of the text, with respect to pauses, breath groups, punctuation and context. Acapela high quality text to speech will actively contribute to make this 3D model alive, giving it the say in the most natural way.

With this demo, CyberExtruder unveils a smart way to animate community, create greeting cards, personalise mobile devices or use it as caller identification, providing a eye catching, powerful, 24/7 real time service that should retain attention from  a very competitive market, always looking for differentiators opportunities.

Hear more and experience a 3D demo during SpeechTEK show, Booth 211, August 1-3,

About Acapela Group:
Entirely dedicated to developing and deploying natural language interfaces, Acapela Group is the European leader in speech solutions. Acapela's speech technologies have already been deployed in many services and applications which speech enable numerous services: vocal portals, answering machine, contact centres, talking web, interactive games, edutainment softwares, e-learning programmes, tools to help disabled people, embarked navigation systems etc.
Acapela Group, major supplier of speech solutions and vocal technologies in Europe, the Middle East and the Nordic markets, is very well known due to its numerous clients and partners in speech projects. These include: Alcatel, Alva, Atos Origin, Bo Jo Tveter, Bosch Blaupunkt, Daimler Chrysler, Don Johnston, Harman Becker, Intervoice, Magneti Marelli, Navteq, PSA Peugeot Citro├źn, Telia, Temic, Texas Instruments, Tieman, Toby Churchill, Scandis, Siemens, etc.

About Cyberextruder :
Founded in 1999, CyberExtruder is a software development company whose core technology enables the automatic conversion of a 2D facial image (such as a passport photo) to a life-like and highly accurate 3D model of the subject's face or head. This award winning technology was first commercialized in the entertainment industry by enabling the personalization of video games and instant messaging applications. It has now been extended to include personalized animations that play on MMS capable mobile phones. 

In the security sector, the company's software has been shown to improve the performance of facial recognition systems. Corrections can be made for images taken with harsh light or deep shadows, photos with stern expressions or smiles.  This patented technology for generating 3D morphable models can make the difference between a close match and an exact match.

Press contacts
For Acapela:
Dalyce Suanez
Tel : +33 (0)1 55 02 14 58

For CyberExtruder:
Larry Gardner
Tel: +1 973 623 7900

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