Hi-Spec Lenses Deploys Voxware's Voice Management Suite

Hi-Spec Lenses has deployed Voxware's Voice Management Suite to help improve warehouse picking accuracy, productivity, and safety, as well as to optimize the customer experience. Voxware's VMS will enable Hi-Spec Lenses to rapidly distribute eyewear products, such as glasses, lenses, and cases, to more than 1,000 retail locations throughout Europe.

Hi-Spec worked with JDA to simultaneously implement and integrate Red Prairie's Discrete Warehouse Management System and Voxware's VMS.

"Voxware proved that voice technology is the best solution to meet our business' needs," said John Rosser, general manager of Hi-Spec Lenses, in a statement. "Voice technology is like having a guide sitting on your shoulder telling you where to go and what to do next. Not having to constantly look in multiple directions and carry paper or an RF device in your hands improves concentration and thus speed and accuracy. Also, throughout this process Voxware acted more as a partner than as a supplier, ensuring not just a smooth implementation but also that continued support would be readily provided."

Prior to implementing Voxware, Hi-Spec Lenses was using paper to locate and retrieve products in its warehouse. This method was causing productivity and accuracy issues. With thousands of orders daily that have to be shipped the same day, speed is critical. Further, first-time accuracy is absolutely essential considering that its products are delivered directly to stores based on individual customer needs.

With these business needs in mind, Hi-Spec Lenses began trialing various technology solutions, including RF and multiple voice providers. Voxware offered the following benefits:

  • Improved accuracy of product picking to cut error-related costs and ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Improved shipping time to meet same day or next day delivery requirements;
  • Employee safety and decreased picking time by enabling employees to remain hands-free; and
  • Reduced employee training time from half a day to one hour or less.

"Even a small percentage of errors has a huge impact on the bottom line," said Keith Phillips, president and CEO of Voxware, in a statement. "Errors not only reduce efficiency in the warehouse, but they also have a detrimental impact to the brand. After careful consideration of various offerings, Hi-Spec Lenses found that Voxware's voice offering would allow them to improve warehouse operations while ensuring an optimal customer experience."

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