Loquendo Releases ASR 6.7 and Linux Version of VoxNauta Platform

TURIN, Italy - Loquendo released Loquendo ASR 6.7. The new version of Loquendo's automatic speech recognition gives customers the tools to adapt their own acoustic models without the need for specific technical know-how.

Systems integrators can now make the recognition engine adapt to difficult conditions such as way of speaking (i.e. regional accents, fast speaking), different audio channels (i.e. wireless, multimedia microphone, PDA, etc), different environments (i.e. in-car, outdoors, public areas, factory), and application dependent vocabulary (e.g. some specific jargon, like aeronautic terms). Acoustic model adaptation uses audio material recorded online by Loquendo ASR while the application runs.

Furthermore, Loquendo ASR 6.7 also provides a tool to achieve use of speech recognition in voice application development. With Voice Enrolled Grammars, end-users can vocally customize personal services, including personal agenda and contact management in Voice Activated Dialing services.

The Linux version of Loquendo's VoxNauta platform will be available based on Linux Red Hat 7.3. The extended support to Linux Operating System complements Loquendo's existing support of the Microsoft WindowsTM Operating System. 

The Linux release of the VoxNauta platform is based on the VoiceXML standard and the software-only implementation of the SIP-RTP protocol. It provides a thin software voice platform which incorporates the latest generation of Loquendo's speech technologies Loquendo TTS and Loquendo ASR.

The VoxNauta platform allows customers to experience Loquendo ASR and TTS technologies without needing to devote any additional effort to integration activities, leaving them free to concentrate on VoiceXML service development.

The platform can be configured as dialog (VoxNauta, Loquendo ASR, Loquendo TTS), ASR-only (VoxNauta, Loquendo ASR), TTS-only (VoxNauta, Loquendo TTS), or VoiceXML-only (VoxNauta with Pre-recorded files and DTMF).

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