Lucas Systems Updates Jennifer FoodSelect

Lucas Systems, a provider of voice-directed warehouse applications, today introduced the next version of Jennifer FoodSelect, a voice-directed solution designed for foodservice and grocery distribution centers.

The latest release of Jennifer FoodSelect adds configurable voice-directed receiving, putaway, returns and replenishment, in addition to enhanced support for GS1 data standards and food traceability using the Engage Management Services Console. Like all Jennifer solutions, Jennifer FoodSelect combines voice direction with speech recognition (using the Serenade Speech Recognition Engine), and, where appropriate, barcode scanning, key entry, and display capabilities provided in industry-standard multi-modal mobile computers. The solution supports GS1 data standards and provides flexible voice- or scan-based data capture for Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), lot numbers, date codes, catchweights, and other information using Motorola, Honeywell, or other standard hardware terminals.

The updated product includes the following:

  • Order Selection. Jennifer FoodSelect supports two-stage PIR picking and single and dual-pallet case picking. For foodservice warehouses, it includes on-demand case label printing that eliminates selector idle time, reduces paper handling, and adds points to individual productivity rates.
  • Truck Loading. Jennifer eliminates loading errors, improves efficiency for warehouse workers, drivers, and customers, and enhances worker safety. Standard, voice-enabled HACCP checklists help meet food safety and traceability requirements.
  • QC/Audit. The integrated QC/Audit module allows managers to better prioritize audits and focus scarce QC resources on the orders that need to be checked.
  • Receiving. Associates can use a combination of scan, screen, and voice to compare physical receipts against purchase orders or ASNs. Discrepancies are identified and data capture is immediate.
  • Putaway. The voice system directs workers through the putaway process, capturing and verifying pallet, item, and location information through speech recognition and barcode scanning.
  • Replenishment. This application can be integrated with voice-directed selection so that let-down requests are processed immediately to avoid short shipments.
  • Returns. Processing returns with Jennifer eliminates clerical steps to improve efficiency, minimize data entry errors, and accelerate inventory updates.
  • Engage MSC. Jennifer's Wweb-based console includes route planning and management, robust productivity and process tracking, and system configuration tools. Engage allows supervisors to manage and coordinate selection, replenishment and other tasks to optimize overall efficiency and maximize throughput.

Upper Lakes Foods, a regional foodservice distributor in Minnesota, is the first customer to install this latest Jennifer voice solution, with immediate, dramatic improvements in selector accuracy and productivity.

"Jennifer FoodSelect addresses the accuracy and productivity challenges of foodservice and grocery DCs, in addition to supporting highly efficient product track and trace capabilities using industry-best speech recognition and barcode scanning," says Jennifer Lachenman, vice president of product strategy and business alliances at Lucas Systems, in a statement. "From the beginning our goal in introducing Jennifer FoodSelect was to provide large and small foodservice and grocery distributors with the most comprehensive and configurable voice solution possible. This configurable industry solution approach is the best way to deliver a full-featured product while minimizing customization, speeding implementation, and enabling flexibility for the future. The idea is to accelerate deployment without sacrificing flexibility or important features food distributors need to compete."

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