Marchex Launches Speech Analytics

Marchex, a mobile advertising analytics company, has launched Marchex Speech Analytics for inbound phone calls.

The launch of Marchex Speech Analytics follows the recent release of Marchexs Omnichannel Analytics Cloud solution in February, enabling marketers to identify which digital channels are driving inbound phone calls, and informing marketers how media spend should be allocated across site, search, social media, display, and video accordingly.

Marchex Speech Analytics leverages the company's patent-pending speech recognition and Call DNA technology to aggregate and analyze call data. Marchex Speech Analytics includes dashboards, visual analytics, and data visualization features that empower businesses to identify opportunities for retargeting, and recognize areas for improvement. Specifically, the Marchex Speech Analytics dashboards quantify elements like lost opportunities, high intent calls, agent script tracking, and searchable transcripts.

"Many businesses rely on phone calls to drive sales. Whether it's a large call center or a distributed retail operation, one of the most persistent challenges for companies is not being able to uncover strategic and actionable insights from those calls," said Nikhil Kolar, vice president of product and engineering at Marchex, in a statement. "With insights that drive better agent performance, as well as actionable intelligence from the phone call itself, marketers and operations teams can now improve performance, fine tune campaigns, and turn more callers into their best, most loyal customers."

In addition, the Speech Analytics dashboards provide in-depth metrics on references to specific products or promotions, as well as variations in customer experience depending on the day, time, and location. These insights can also be used to improve conversion and customer service by revealing missed sales opportunities from common customer experience challenges such as frustrated customers and long hold times.

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