UTOPY Introduces Customer-Intelligent Routing Driven by Speech Analytics

UTOPY, a provider of enterprise solutions for Customer Intelligence through Speech Analytics, enhanced its SpeechMiner product. The latest release enables companies to create Customer Experience Profiles and incorporate Customer-Intelligent Routing and Screen pops using key customer insight available through speech analytics.

UTOPY Customer Intelligence solution includes capabilities to create predictive Customer Experience Profiles -- snapshots and summaries of previous customer interactions -- that can be combined with customer and transactional information from throughout the enterprise.

Customer Experience Profiles can be leveraged for Customer-Intelligent Routing. Customers are routed to retention specialists or an agent based on experiences and outcomes over a previous period or number of interactions. When the call reaches the agent, customer information, including the Customer Experience Profile and targeted coaching, is delivered through screen pops to the agent desktop.

In addition to Profiles based on metrics like customer experience evaluation and appropriate routing, the newest release also includes the ability to perform detailed at-risk analyses and run churn predictability models. Each new capability -- Customer Experience Profiles, at-risk analyses, and churn predictability models -- fits within the product's existing workflow and can be integrated with other enterprise systems and data for more insight.

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