3iLogic Introduces the SimSim Embedded Speech Recognition IP Core

3iLogic-Designs today released it flagship solution, SimSim, a patent-pending, high-performance, ultra-low power, low-cost embedded speech recognition IP core that microprocessor manufacturers can include in their application processors, microcontrollers, application-specific integrated circuits, and field-programmable gate arrays.

3iLogic-Designs' SimSim IP core delivers high performance and ultra-low power in an extremely small footprint. Localized processing removes dependency on cloud connectivity and provides very fast and deterministic response.

Key features of 3iLogic-Designs' SimSim IP core include the following:

  • High-performance, ultra-low power, IP core for localized vocal user-interface;
  • Synthesizable solution that easily integrates into microcontrollers, application processors, ASICs and FPGAs;
  • Small silicon foot print (135K gates);
  • Always On capability that includes Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and keyword spotting (with or without speaker verification);
  • Highly accurate, speaker independent recognition engine that requires no user training;
  • Language-independent architecture;
  • Programmable keyword, dictionary, grammar;
  • Simple to complex grammar design with Java speech grammar support;
  • Scalable vocabulary;
  • 16/8 kHz audio support;
  • Host processor agnostic and works with embedded or external system memories; and
  • Development tools and APIs.

"Voice-activated user interface for everyday consumer devices is clearly causing a disruption, just as touch did to the keyboard. SimSim is breaking new ground in the field of embedded speech recognition by enabling voice-activated user interfaces on consumer devices that current solutions simply do not allow without adding significant resources to the device," said Dhaval Ajmera, CEO of 3iLogic-Designs, in a statement.

SimSim is available, as a technology license, to semiconductor companies as well as system companies designing their own semiconductors. In addition, SimSim ships with a full set of deliverables, support, and training.

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