AKOOL Launches Advanced Personalized Video Feature

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AKOOL, a provider of generative artificial intelligence solutions, has launched its Personalized Video feature to enable businesses to create millions of uniquely tailored videos from a single upload.

AKOOL's Personalized Video enables businesses to generate videos that adapt to individual viewer preferences and behaviors, delivering content that updates in real time based on customer interactions.

Users upload customer lists and AKOOL's platform will generate a customized video for each one. Additionally, users can combine this feature with AKOOL's voice modification to create even more personalized and engaging content. This integration allows businesses to change voices for each individual video, enhancing the personalization and impact of their messages.

"We're thrilled to launch our Personalized Video feature, which represents a significant advancement in customer engagement," said Jiajun Lu, CEO of AKOOL, in a statement. "This technology will enable businesses to deliver more meaningful and personalized experiences to their audiences."

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