ALK Technologies Selects Fonix to Provide Speech for CoPilot Navigation Solutions

ALK Technologies has selected Fonix Text-To-Speech (TTS) for implementation in ALK's CoPilot and Pocket CoPilot GPS navigation and route guidance solutions for fleets and business travelers.

CoPilot technology, with Fonix TTS, will provide spoken street names, city names, points of interest, freeway names and numbers, addresses and any other text that the ALK navigation system provides, in addition to common guidance instructions. The Fonix-enabled CoPilot navigation solutions will provide improved operation with clearer, street-specific directions for operators of any over-the-road vehicles.

"Fonix was selected due to its integrated solution providing a small footprint, minimal memory and power requirements, high-quality, and quick response Unlimited Vocabulary TTS," said Ted Annis, senior marketing manager at ALK Technologies. "CoPilot and Pocket CoPilot, by adding Fonix TTS, continue to improve their interfaces by verbally delivering detailed navigation information to the driver. Again, with safety as a major concern, CoPilot solutions have added a feature that will greatly enhance the user experience."

"ALK's CoPilot and Pocket CoPilot solutions, which sell thousands of units each month, have been highly-touted and well received within the auto-navigation industry, and the Fonix TTS solution will contribute to the continued success of ALK's CoPilot Solutions," noted Kurt W. Flygare, Fonix's vice ipresident of sales. "With Fonix TTS, CoPilot users will receive their directions in a human voice, and depending on the country in which the user resides, have the option of choosing to hear those instructions in US English, UK English, French, or German."

"CoPilot Solutions get you precisely where you need to be with directions to any address nationwide," continued Annis. "And with dynamic voice navigation and route guidance technology, CoPilot not only shows you where to go, it verbally guides you to your destination in real-time. If you miss a turn or get off track, CoPilot automatically reroutes you."

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