API.ai Expands Voice Platform to Wearables and the IoT

API.ai, a provider of conversational interfaces for connected devices, has expanded its natural language understanding and intelligent intent response platform to the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables, like smartwatches.

api.ai gives developers the tools to create custom Siri or Amazon Echo-like voice controls for multiple knowledge domains that can be deployed in 24 hours.

Api.ai allows developers to do the following:

  • Respond to a variety of requests specific to their uses cases and customer experiences because api.ai already understands how to follow orders relating to the smart home, device control, media, and more 
  • Sync ongoing conversations across devices for a cohesive user experience, without being constrained by each mobile OS voice platform (i.e. Siri vs. Ok Google vs. Cortana)
  • Build their products with direct feedback on how people are actually using these new products;api.ai’s open data logs and feedback loops provide practical insight into unanticipated trends so developers can continually optimize the user experience
  • Engage consumers globally with full support for 13 languages including Chinese, English French, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Leverage popular platforms and coding languages, including iOS, Android, HTML, Cordova, Python, C#, Xamarin, and Unity, with native SDKs.


"We created api.ai because we saw a glaring need for budding entrepreneurs and big companies alike to have completely open and flexible access to features that products like Siri or Amazon Echo provide," said Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO and founder of api.ai, in a statement. "We're on a mission to simplify and transform how people interact with connected devices. We've been perfecting our platform since 2010 and are excited to now empower hardware and software developers to create better apps, build smarter wearables, and transform the IoT with simpler and more intuitive customer experiences."

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