AWS Launches Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) today released Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics, a feature that builds on Amazon Transcribe and a key enhancement to AWS Contact Center Intelligence.

Amazon Transcribe Call Analtics allows the extraction of valuable insights from customer conversations with a single API call. This holistic view of customer conversations can be applied to customer service calls, sales video calls, or web-based audio interactions running on any contact center provider.

Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics key features include the following:

  • Timestamped turn-by-turn call transcription in 21 languages;
  • Issue detection, which picks up the shortest set of contiguous words in a conversation turn that represents the reason for the call.
  • Call categorization based on factors like keyword or phrase matching, speaking time, interruptions, agent and customer sentiment, and how quickly and loudly a customer or agent are speaking;
  • Redaction of sensitive data from the text transcript and the corresponding audio file

Amazon launched Transcribe, an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service for adding speech-to-text capabilities to any application, in 2017. Based on ASR implemented in Transcribe, Transcribe Call Analytics adds natural language processing (NLP) capabilities specifically trained on customer calls. With an API call, developers can now add call analytics to any application and extract customer insights from conversations without having to build AI pipelines and train custom models.

Users can further process the text transcript with other AI services, such as Amazon Translate, or with custom NLP models built with Amazon SageMaker.

"Our customers are processing millions of customer service calls in their contact centers a year and have a critical need to extract actionable conversation insights to ensure positive business outcomes. As an AWS Contact Center Intelligence partner, we further enhanced our call transcription capabilities with Amazon Transcribe. With the launch of Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics, we're excited to add even more AI capabilities to our Speech Analytics and QM Assist products. These deeper insights can provide agents and supervisors with the data they need to improve the speed and quality of their customer service while boosting workforce productivity," Ben Rigby, senior vice president and global head of product and engineering for artificial intelligence, automation, and workforce at Talkdesk, said in a statement

"Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics API enables us to add ML-based capabilities to our platform faster and at a lower cost. This new API removes the need to integrate multiple AI services together and develop custom machine learning models in certain areas. With Transcribe Call Analytics, we will be able to provide conversation insights, such as sentiment, non-talk time, and call categories to gauge agent performance. This helps to drive better call outcomes, reduce agent turnover, uncover agent coaching opportunities, and measure call script compliance," said Praphul Kumar, chief product officer of SuccessKPI, in a statement. "Combining AWS services into SuccessKPI's experience analytics platform was a no-brainer. We are looking forward to bringing this valuable capability into the hands of large enterprises and government agencies."

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