Acapela Releases Bilingual English/Spanish Voice Rodrigo

Acapela Group, a provider of text-to-speech (TTS) voices, has released its latest English and Spanish bilingual voice.

Called Rod or Rodrigo, depending on the language he's speaking, the voice was recorded recently to answer the demand from the Spanish community in North America for a Spanish North American voice, according to the company.

The voice is a fully bilingual professional speaker who has recently recorded hours of speech in two separate sessions, under the direction of the Acapela team.

First selected for the Spanish North American voice, he appeared to be an excellent speaker in American English too. So Acapela decided to take advantage of this great skill to provide both North American Spanish and American English languages using the same voice.

"Languages, our specialist field, are an amazing source of creation and innovation. Our linguistic knowledge has already helped create a great Arabic-English bilingual voice, which has had wonderful feedback from users. Our unique voice repertoire, containing a myriad of accents, dialects and languages, testifies to our know-how and leadership in voice creation," said Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group, in a statement. "Rod/Rodrigo will now watch over young Valeria and Emilio, the world's first genuine children's bilingual voices. We are very proud of them."

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