Accelovance Choose USAN IVR for Research Study

Accelovance, a clinical research organization, has chosen USAN's Metaphor Voice hosted contact center to help it execute a vaccine clinical research study.

On behalf of a pharmaceutical company, Accelovance is conducting patient surveillance for a clinical research study on the effectiveness of a vaccine to prevent infection. As part of the study, Accelovance call center representatives will complete detailed questionnaires with each participant to gather important research data. To accomplish this, the call center will be available for both inbound and outbound dialing to all U.S. time zones. USAN’s technology authenticates each inbound caller via a unique and confidential ID number to ensure data accuracy.  In addition, the technology supports automated routing decisions as to whether the patient should be referred to a clinic.

USAN and Accelovance implemented a solution with additional options that include calling participants during their preferred time frame, transferring study participants to a nurse for real-time discussion, and leaving messages for unanswered calls. For inbound interactions, the ACD can queue and route calls based on agent skills and availability.

To ensure a seamless experience, agents have access to a custom desktop—integrated with the existing patient database—developed by USAN. Step-by-step menus guide agents through the patient questionnaire, with call dispositions automated by workflow.  If protocol requires contact with a clinic, the USAN desktop automatically ensures the proper process is followed by conferencing the appropriate clinic personnel.  In addition, the solution was designed to ensure that all calls and patient data are protected and compliant with the Health Information Portability and Accountabily Act (HIPAA). 

"Accelovance is pleased to partner with USAN on this study. Their quick deployment, delivery of the complex requirements we require for data capture, and their ability to satisfy the mandated communication compliance standards made Metaphor Voice the ideal solution for us," said Sara Riggenbach, project coordinator for the call center division of Accelovance, in a statement.

"USAN prides itself on offering customers like Accelovance the flexibility to manage evolving customer interaction initiatives with ease," said Steve Walton, USAN's president and CEO, in a statement. "We are thrilled to have been chosen as the ideal solution for implementing this important study."

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