Aculab Launches New Version of Host Media Processing (HMP) Software

MILTON KEYNES, U.K. - Aculab released the new version of Prosody S. The software-only media processing product has been upgraded to enable a range of new functionalities.

Prosody S supports a number of speech processing features in common with Aculab's Prosody media processing resource cards. Amongst the new features are matrix conferencing with AGC, noise input gating, DTMF clamping and speaker identification. Matrix conferencing allows connection between multiple parties, enabling several groups to participate in a conversation.

The upgraded Prosody S also has a higher capacity than before - it can run up 360 half duplex channels, 180 full duplex channels, and 300 conference parties in any sub-group combination with all the necessary speech processing functions on the same server as the host application.

Prosody S includes IP media session software that not only works with Aculab's IP telephony hardware technology, but can also be used via the customer's own SIP or H.323 protocol stack, via a defined API. Aculab will create a software license key to match the target PC the customer wishes to install on, thus providing remote maintenance options.

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