Adhearsion and Voxeo Launch Voxeo Labs

Voxeo today announced the launch of Voxeo Labs.

Voxeo Labs will invest in core platform research, incubate revolutionary ideas, and innovate new communications solutions. All products and services released by Voxeo Labs will be based on open standards and made available under community-centered open-source licenses.

"The inspiration for creating Voxeo Labs comes from the incredibly rich history of innovation and discovery at Bell Labs—the seminal R&D think tank in the communications world. Bell Labs has impacted technology, and consequently everyday life, in ways few others groups ever have," said Jonathan Taylor, CEO of Voxeo. "The last 10 years have seen enormous adoption of open standard and open-source telephony platforms, and we see developer-focused open-source innovation driving communications forward for many years to come. Voxeo Labs is a key investment in that future."

Jay Phillips and Jason Goecke, leaders of Adhearsion, are joining Voxeo Labs full-time as founding staff. Adhearsion is an open-source, full-featured communications framework designed for maximum code reuse and intuitiveness. Powered by the Ruby programming language, Adhearsion launched just three years ago and has since become the most widely used open-source telephony application framework.

Voxeo is now the primary sponsor of Adhearsion and will invest significantly in its growth and developer community. Adhearsion will continue to run on top of the Asterisk open-source PBX platform and will soon add support for Voxeo's Tropo cloud telephony service.

Voxeo Labs will launch several new open-source and open standards communications solutions over the next year.

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