Agnitio Releases Kivox 4.1 Mobile Voice Biometrics Solution

Agnitio, a provider of voice biometrics, has released version 4.1 of its Kivox Mobile Platform with advanced anti-spoofing protection and ease-of-use enhancements.

Agnitio Voice iD technology enables the mobile ecosystem to adopt voice recognition capabilities for user authentication, while protecting against spoofing attempts.

Commonly referred to as a replay attack, a voice recording could be used to impersonate a user to expose confidential information, such as bank accounts, medical records, or other personal data. Agnitio's patented anti-spoofing technology provides protection against such attacks. It instantly detects the difference between a live human voice and a recording, without the need for any additional verification steps, such as random phrase repetitions.

"Strong authentication is critical to connect users, their devices, and the systems they access," said Frank Dickson, principal analyst in Frost & Sullivan's Network Security Industry Practice, in a statement. "Agnitio Voice iD offers a transparent authentication experience with a high degree of irrefutability and makes mobile transactions quick and easy." (Read the whitepaper here.)

"Relevant and essential to user authentication vendors and mobile device manufacturers, the Agnitio Voice iD platform is being rapidly integrated into a variety of mobile applications," says Mike Goldgof, vice president of marketing at Agnitio, in a statement. "Among all voice biometrics engines on the market, Agnitio Voice iD is uniquely secure and easy to use, is Fast Identity Online Alliance- (FIDO) Ready today and immediately available for simple integration and deployment."

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