Aladom Uses CreaWave to Smooth Customer Interactions

Aladom, a French provider of home and care services, has improved operator efficiency by 25 percent in the past year using Acapela Group's CreaWave solution.

Once a request has been posted on the Aladom Web site, sometimes further information is necessary. This is the work of Aladom's operators, who contact people directly by phone to better understand their requirements. But calls often don't reach the user. To solve this, better organize the operators' workflow, and minimize repetitive and uninteresting tasks, Aladom decided to automate voice message drop off with CreaWave's solution 'Voicemail'. An audio message is automatically delivered on the voicemail. Fully customized, it includes specific information contained in the request made on the Aladom Web site, such as the type of service or the city.

"Before choosing the CreaWave solution, operators used to spend a lot of their calling time delivering messages on voicemails. This step is now automated and the time saved is better used to fully accompany our customers in their search. It's a win-win situation: Our team has time to concentrate on added-value issues rather than on uninteresting tasks, and users gain in being offered a higher-quality service with increased attention from the operator," said Guillaume Thomas, CEO of Aladom, in a statement.

Aladom's operators call customers five days a week. The automation allow them to save 25 percent of their calling time. The automated messages are highly natural and generate a constant rate of recalls.

"The feedback we have received from Aladom after using CreaWave's Voicemail for one year shows how useful this type of solution can be for all parties involved. The technology is available, the solution has been tested and approved and we are now eagerly looking forward to enhancing the audio features we can offer our customers, with new promising solutions that cover all the audio chain and improve customer interaction," said Lars-Erik Larsson, CEO of Acapela Group, in a statement.

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