Anapath Diagnostics Switches to WinScribe Digital Transcription

CHICAGO, Ill. - AnaPath Diagnostics, a pathology practice in Wyoming, rolled out the WinScribe digital dictation software solution. Reports were previously being recorded and transcribed using an old analog tape system. The decision to roll out WinScribe followed an evaluation of ease-of-use and price. "I made a point in checking out all the different types of digital transcription solutions. I felt WinScribe was the easiest to learn and it was definitely priced right," says Cindy Hegner, medical practice manager. North Dakota based WinScribe supplier, Grabar Voice And Data, installed the system. Transcriptionists now type up the physicians' reports before they have given them the paperwork. "We have a physician who does not take change easily and surprisingly even he felt very good about it after three days!" Hegner adds.
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