Angel.com Releases Check-In/Check-Out Application

Angel.com's phone-based Check-In/Check-Out application is designed for companies who require employees to record work hours on a daily basis.


  • Solution can typically be deployed in 48 hours or less
  • Includes customizable reporting tools
  • Supports both touchtone and speech recognition responses
  • Managed by existing IT personnel

Key Benefits:

  • Employee Efficiency - Provides a phone-based tracking system to submit timesheets, regardless of location or type of activity. The solution will also allow employees to monitor their own hours and managers to respond to requests for leave immediately.
  • Track Project Costs - By creating a voice-driven system which allows an employee to identify not only hours worked, but also type of activity by project code or category, senior management will gain insight into the costs for major projects.
  • Payroll and Billing - The Angel.com Check-In/Check-Out solution can be integrated with a company's Web-based systems, allowing integration with payroll and billing systems for independent contractors or freelance employees.

Interactive Demo

  1. Dial 866-248-8120
  2. The system will ask you for a 5-digit employee ID. The available employee IDs are:
            * 12345 for employee Jim
            * 23456 for employee Sam
            * 34567 for employee Mike
            * 45678 for employee Steve
  3. The system will then ask you to say "check-in" or "check-out". Select check-in.
  4. If the system detects that the employee has checked-in twice in a row, then it will alert the caller that they had forgotten to check out last time.
  5. If the system detects that the employee has checked-out twice in a row, then it will alert them that they had forgotten to check in last time.
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