Animated & Speech Enabled Characters by Inovani

Inovani has selected Acapela's TTS to voice enable its animation engine, thus providing "talking heads" with animation and personality.

Inovani delivers an animation engine: a software only rendering of talking expressive characters. These characters are programmed to present spoken content with facial motions, and they include life-like human head models, suitably modeled cartoon heads, "talking heads" or avatars.

"Associated with text to speech, the character gallery comes to life. Acapela text to speech high quality and naturalness fits perfectly with the realistic speech motions of Inovani" said Else Nordhagen, Inovani CTO.

For Christmas time, Inovani offers the ability to create your own greetings using the Acapela voices.

The technology is language independent. The animation software runs on PCs and PDAs and in distributed environments. Inovani's products can be integrated with various applications: Web browsers, MMS services, games or specially targeted applications.

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