AppTek Integrates Omnifluent Technology with AP ENPS

The Associated Press (AP) and Applications Technology (AppTek) have integrated AppTek's Omnifluent Media and Translate products with the AP ENPS multiplatform news production system.

By merging AppTek's automatic speech recognition (ASR) and hybrid machine translation (HMT) software with AP's news production system, users of AP ENPS now have access to automatic transcription of media files and automatic translation of written stories and video packages within the system. The integration also enables users to time-code and align scripts with audio tracks as they create same language caption and/or foreign language subtitle files to pair with video.

AppTek recently made its Omnifluent products MOS protocol-compliant, which provides journalists and news agencies using AP ENPS accessibility to AppTek's language software. With just a few clicks of a mouse, users can submit their story entries in AP ENPS along with separate audio files for automated speech-to-text (STT) conversion using Omnifluent Media. Users can send written stories in AP ENPS to Omnifluent Translate for automatic translation into more than 30 target languages and dialects. In either case, the integration places the resulting transcripts and translations in meta blocks and returns them to the requesting component within AP ENPS for editing or publication.

"AppTek's translation product is a great fit with AP ENPS for customers who are looking to reach new audiences in another language," said Lee Perryman, director of AP ENPS, in a statement. "Using Omnifluent with AP ENPS speeds the workflow for translations for on-air and online."

"By automating the labor-intensive task of closed captioning and multilanguage subtitling within ENPS, journalists and news agencies have an efficient, cost-effective solution for complying with captioning regulations and reaching new audiences to further monetize content," said AppTek Director of Accounts Ian Broennle in a statement.

AppTek acquired the Omnifluent human language technology from Leidos in November 2013, and just launched a mobile version in February.

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