ArdaCOM Adds Yap Voice Message-To-Text for Simple Message Delivery

ArdaCOM announced its Simple Message Delivery (SMD) solution will now incorporate fully automated voice message-to-text technology from Yap. SMD now offers a complete solution which bundles call answering with automated transcription of voice messages, which are then pushed as both audio and text to the recipient's chosen device.

ArdaCOM's standalone SMD solution has all required elements already integrated into the solution, thus paving the way for fast rollouts at a fraction of previous costs without the constraints and expense of any legacy messaging system integration.

"Smaller carriers are clamoring for ways to differentiate their service from competitors while holding the line on capital expense," says Bruce Bales, chief executive officer at ArdaCOM. "Yap creates text from voice at a fraction of what it costs for human assisted solutions. The quality rivals anything on the market and the fully automated system ensures a fast, secure and private transaction."

Instead of competing with legacy voicemail, ArdaCOM's SMD offers a new class of service that meets the growing demand for voice messages delivered as text and audio directly to the recipient, eliminating the need to repeatedly dial in to retrieve messages.

"The ArdaCOM Simple Message Delivery solution is frankly how voicemail would have been delivered 30 years ago had Yap technology existed," says Igor Jablokov, chief executive officer at Yap. "It solves some key user frustrations of legacy messaging services- making voicemail a real-time communications tool while simultaneously eliminating the costs of integration, licensing, and message storage."

By choosing an automated voice message-to-text solution, ArdaCOM offers carriers a completely secure service so customers do not have to worry about whom may be listening to their messages for transcription. Automated voice-to-text greatly increases the speed of message delivery and the model scales from the smallest to the largest of carriers.

ArdaCOM delivers an audio link in a SMS message or an audio file with an email in case someone wants to hear a message for context or to forward to colleagues or family members. Carriers have several options for reducing costs which include moving targeted customer segments to the service to save on voicemail costs; bundling SMD with lower tiered rate plans; or offering the service as an add-on feature or an up-sell to customers with low or no voicemail usage.

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