Artingence Uses Voxeo's Platform to Improve IVR

Artigence, a provider of automated call center solutions, selected Voxeo to serve as the platform for its call center system, which uses virtual agents to interact with customers. The virtual agents, which feature voice recognition and synthesized speech, eliminate the need for customers to wait on hold for customer service.

Voxeo will provide its interactive voice response (IVR) platform, Prophecy, for hosted and on-premises deployments. 

Artingence hopes this partnership with Voxeo will further improve its system, which uses live agents only if absolutely necessary. The company says its system helps cut costs because call centers don't need to hire as many agents. Furthermore, Artingence asserts that Voxeo will allow it to focus on customizing virtual agents and integrating customers' back-end sytems. Plans call for rolling out the systems internationally while eliminating infrastructure issues since Voxeo uses a single virtual platform across seven data centers around the world.

"Artingence selected Voxeo as the first choice as they provide exactly the infrastructure we need in terms of their standards-based platform and their reach and scalability," said Mark Gilbert, managing director of Artingence, in a statement. "The tremendous support, implementation, and operation allows us to focus on our core product and meeting specific needs of our customers."

"Artingence's unique application of artificial intelligence to a contact center solution promises to radically change the customer experince in a voice self-service application. They are at the forefront of applying the latest advance in speech technology to produce high-impact business results," added John Amen, senior vice president of stratetic partnerships at Voxeo, in a statement. "We are pleased that Voxeo continues to be a platform of choice for companies like Artingence, who are creating and delivering the next-generation solutions in the communications industry."

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