Audio Precision Releases Android Smartphone App

Audio Precision has released the latest version of its Android audio test app, with support for Android versions 4, 5 and 6 (as well as Android N Developer Preview 5).

The app allows automated evaluation of new phones and tablets, including hands-free Bluetooth audio test without requiring a phone call.

From component development to mobile product design and evaluation, the Android app is fully-integrated with and able to harness the versatility of APx audio measurement software and analyzers. As a system, it supports analog test of the mobile device's TRRS jack microphone input and headphone output. For Bluetooth audio measurement scenarios, the app supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) downlink testing as well as HFP (hands free profile) downlink and uplink testing, both wide- and narrowband. The HFP device under test (DUT) does not even require a SIM card.

AP's Android app is available as a courtesy download to registered users of AP.com. It requires an APx500 Series analyzer with a Bluetooth hardware option and is supported by APx500 audio measurement software, version 4.2 or later. Contained in the download are the necessary Android applications, APx project files, supporting audio waveform files (including suitable voice waveforms for analyzers equipped with PESQ and/or POLQA software options), audio test app installer and a 50-page technote providing complete documentation of the app and its use.

"Audio, whether voice, music, or video-related, is an integral part of today's mobile devices; measuring and validating audio quality is key to developers," said Dave Schmoldt, Audio Precision's CEO, in a statement. "While Audio Precision's analyzers and measurement software are at the forefront of assessing the audio performance of mobile products, handy tools such as our free Android app streamline that process for our customers and allow them to focus on device development."

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