Audioburst Announces $10 Million Investment

Audioburst announced two new strategic and investment partnerships totaling over $10 million from Dentsu Inc. and Hyundai Motor Company in conjunction with existing investors. The next-gen voice-search company plans to build unique advertising and in-car voice-based experiences with the two leading brands. Audioburst also announced plans to formally launch in the Japanese market at the end of 2019 with Japanese language capabilities.

Dentsu, an agency brand, believes it’s necessary to create intelligent, audio-based advertising solutions for this rapidly growing market. As part of the partnership, Dentsu will work closely with Audioburst to build a new market for personalized audio as an effective advertising channel for brands in Japan.

For Hyundai, the $5M investment also includes plans to accelerate the development and deployment of the next generation infotainment system with Audioburst’s personalized audio search, playlists, and Deep Analysis API. This will provide consumers with an engaging, screen-free and original-voice experience, and Hyundai with an in-depth understanding of the content being searched for and enjoyed in real-time.

The investments bring Audioburst’s current funding to $25M. Dentsu and Hyundai are joining other strategic investors including Samsung Ventures, Nippon Broadcasting Inc. and Advanced Media Inc.

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