Audioburst Announces the Launch of Audioburst Auto

Audioburst released the newest addition to its consumer-facing product line. Audioburst Auto, which focuses on delivering personalized listening experiences to today’s drivers, is being released on Google’s infotainment platform, Android Auto.

Audioburst has promoted the “On-The-Go” short-format listening experience for the past year, so its new addition to Android Auto is only natural. In partnership with Google, the company developed Audioburst Auto to enable users to continue to enjoy their personalized listening experience in-car, and to allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel — an area where audio and voice truly shine. 

Users can choose from several expertly crafted playlists designed by the next-gen search company’s team. In addition to these curated playlists, listeners may also build a customized news feed, created from an extensive list of topics as well as custom topics of the user’s choosing. Lastly, the app provides real-time voice search capabilities, allowing drivers hands-free access for up-to-the-minute weather, traffic, and search results on any subject. 

This release comes on the heels of several product launches and partnerships: Audioburst Studio, a code-free way to add fresh, short-form audio content directly into a web or mobile app experience; an integration with Flipboard, the popular news aggregator; and partnerships with the well-known podcasting company Blubrry and the business-focused C-Suite Network. These partnerships brought Audioburst Creators, a platform aimed at helping podcasters better distribute, market, and monetize their content, to their users.

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