Bonneville Labs and Lab Launch Give Biotech Startups Access to Voice and AI-Powered Digital Lab Assistant

LabTwin GmbH, a voice and AI-powered digital lab assistant, announced partnerships with CA-based life science shared lab facilities Bonneville Labs and Lab Launch. Both groups provide smart lab facilities to scientists and emerging biotech companies. Bonneville Labs and Lab Launch have selected LabTwin’s digital assistant to augment their smart lab capabilities and allow their resident scientists to be more productive, spend more time focused on their experiments and make informed data-driven decisions.

Through these partnerships, the resident companies of the CA coworking labs receive a free fixed-period LabTwin trial followed by preferred rates. LabTwin, works alongside scientists to collect data, connect internal and external information streams, help manage experiments and streamline documentation. Powered by voice recognition and machine learning technology, LabTwin’s smart assistant simplifies data capture, structures valuable data, provides on-demand access to scientific information, guides scientists through interactive protocols and provides suggestions to scientists in real-time.

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