Augmedix Introduces Live and Notes Products for Clinical Documentation

Augmedix has begun offering two tiers of medical documentation services. They are the following:

Augmedix Live provides remote medical documentation and live clinical support. The service encompasses interactive two-way communication with remote tech-enabled assistants who provide real-time order support, referral support, and reminder support.

Augmedix Notes has been developed for clinicians who prefer asynchronous medical documentation and do not require real-time clinical support. The remote assistants use information captured during the clinic visit and optional post-visit dictation to create the medical documentation.

"Augmedix Notes service helps me work faster," said Dr. Jed Grise, an otorhinolaryngologist at Texoma ENT & Allergy in Wichita Falls, Texas, in a statement. "The service streamlines my workflow and captures details from natural conversations."

The Augmedix platform livestreams clinic visits to human-expert assistants through smartphones or Google Glass. The Augmedix assistants leverage proprietary automation technology, including speech-to-text software and natural-language-processing modules, to create electronic health record notes from natural clinician-patient conversation.

"Our ability to offer a full suite of services and platform capabilities positions Augmedix to serve a greater number of clinicians, in ever-more flexible ways," said Ian Shakil, Augmedix's founding chairman, in a statement. "We remain steadfast in our mission to dramatically reverse clinician burnout trends, improve patient access, and boost clinician productivity across the nation."

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