Autobiographer Launches Generative AI Storytelling App

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Autobiographer has launched its generative artificial intelligence storytelling app on the Apple App Store with a mission to empower people to discover, preserve, and tell their memories and life stories.

Autobiographer helps users capture and share their most cherished memories, taking them on a journey of self-reflection through authentic conversation.

"Everyone has a story to tell," said Matt Bowman, Autobiographer's co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "We created Autobiographer to help people discover, preserve, and share their unique life experiences. Our app is like having a personal biographer in your pocket, ready to listen and capture your most meaningful moments."

Autobiographer's genuine, adaptive dialogue lets users talk with their Autobiographer Guide in the app, which listens attentively, engages thoughtfully, and crafts their unique conversations into written stories. The app securely stores and assembles these memories, allowing users to refine, customize, and share their life stories with loved ones.

Autobiographer combines generative AI, voice interfaces, and privacy tools. Powered by Anthropic's Claude 3, the app's Guide employs a proprietary question-asking architecture. By leveraging Apple's on-device security, including FaceID and iCloud encryption, Autobiographer ensures that user stories remain fiercely protected, with data never stored beyond individual sessions.

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