Babel Delivers 'Plug & Play' Speech Solution for Rapid Deployment

MONS, BELGIUM - Babel Technologies S.A. introduced a combined speech technology hardware and software solution, the VoxBox. VoxBox is a multi-purpose audio processor system that uses Babel's near human-sounding Text to Speech Technology (TTS), Babil, to immediately speak aloud any text message it receives. By making speech technology more accessible for commercial applications, VoxBox marks a significant step forward in the wider adoption of speech and language technology in the industrial environment. Designed to be an easy to implement alternative to bespoke speech solutions, VoxBox brings low cost multi-lingual (up to 18 languages) speech technology to applications as diverse as public announcement systems at train stations and airports, for animated games or for voiced warnings for alarm and surveillance systems. Text messages sent to VoxBox are instantly synthesized, providing users with greater communication flexibility and making it far easier to update customers or passengers with new information or warnings in real-time. As users are not limited to communicating only pre-recorded messages or alerts, VoxBox can help increase the quality of service customers receive. VoxBox is an autonomous and open system that can be quickly connected to a wide range of due to its RS232 serial line and USB port. It enables companies to hook up to any device like PLC's, industrial equipment, medical equipment. Commenting on the introduction of the VoxBox, Vincent Fontaine, CEO of Babel Technologies, said: "Many companies recognise the time and cost benefits of speech-enabling certain functions across their organisation, either to lower their costs and overheads or to improve customer service." He added: "VoxBox is the first solution in a box to provide customers with all the convenience of speech without the cost, installation or development complexities that sometimes arise with bespoke applications, and therefore brings the benefits of speech technology to a far greater audience."
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