BeVocal Chosen by Wingcast to Provide Voice-enabled Information and Messaging Services

SAN DIEGO, CA -- Wingcast LLC, founded by Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) and QUALCOMM (NASDAQ: QCOM) to provide telematics services and applications, announced that it has entered into an agreement with BeVocal, a voice platform and applications company. Under the agreement, BeVocal will provide Wingcast with a broad array of voice-activated information and messaging applications, including voice dialing, voice-activated voicemail, email and voice portal services. The voice services provided by BeVocal will be customized to meet the specific needs of Wingcast's customers. These services will be an integral part of Wingcast's telematics offering, which will be introduced in model year 2003 vehicles. "BeVocal provides us with an integrated voice-activated service that is unmatched today in the telecommunications marketplace," said Coby Erez, vice president of consumer services for Wingcast. "Our commitment to providing enhanced safety and security will be evident in the voice-enabled services we will offer. Our customers will access our services through Wingcast's easy to use, voice-activated interface, enabling them to achieve greater convenience and productivity, while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road." Wingcast will utilize BeVocal technology for a variety of voice-related functions including GPS integration that will allow drivers to obtain directions to a specific address or to any location in their address book using voice commands. In addition, BeVocal's software enables proximity searches for traffic accidents and service personalization for stock quotes, sports and weather reports. Built-in system intelligence will prompt it to "remember" where you were when you last asked for directions and whether you are a novice or advanced user, depending on how many times you've used the system. "BeVocal's voice-enabled services, already deployed with wireless and wireline carriers, are a perfect fit for the telematics marketplace, where in-car safety is of the utmost importance'," said David Hood, CEO of BeVocal. "Together we are developing a customized and comprehensive set of voice-enabled applications that will be integrated into Wingcast's telematics service delivery network to create a powerful consumer offering that enables convenient hands-free access to people, information and services." "People in cars comprise the largest captive audience for hands-free services. In the U.S. alone we expect to see 40 million autos equipped to access popular voice-activated services in the next four years," explained Daniel N. Miller, senior vice president of The Kelsey Group. "Wingcast and BeVocal have integrated many popular services - like voice-activated dialing, driving directions and voice access to mail - into a coherent offering that is very much in tune with the expansion of 'Telematics' from luxury cars to the family van or company car."
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