BigHand Releases Analytics Tool to Track Dictations

BigHand, a voice productivity vendor in the professional services and public sector community, has today launched BigHand Analytics, an advanced dictation reporting module that leverages Crystal Reports and is activated from within the BigHand client.

It has been designed to provide organizations using BigHand voice productivity software key metric and trend visibility relating to document production, dictation and remote working practices.

In designing the new analytics module, BigHand has created a new data storage mechanism allowing comprehensive reporting on any event associated with any dictation. The new reporting database enables interrogation and the creation of advanced custom reports designed in-house. As such each report allows dictation auditing, meaning that any dictation covered by a report can be examined in detail, and its journey through the BigHand system scrutinized. For any particular dictation, you can quickly see who worked on it and when and whether it was re-assigned or reprioritized. Other BigHand Analytics features include:

  • full audit trail and dictation lifecycle;
  • unlimited historical analysis;
  • custom report design capability;
  • report on individuals drill down; 
  • Crystal or Microsoft Excel formats;
  • smartphone dictation trend analysis; and
  • quick launch from BigHand client interface

“At over 1,250 firms and for over 120,000 users, BigHand technology forms a key component of the document production and administrative process," said Asif Ali, BigHand's head of products. "BigHand Analytics gives a clear understanding of quarter-on-quarter or year-on-year trends, which enable better overall management decision-making and performance comparison. By leveraging the power of Crystal reports and wrapping it into an easy-to-use module, we can now reveal consistent performance levels over an unlimited period of time and expose any ongoing obstacles to good document turnaround.”

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