Bubbly Voice Blogging Service Available to 26 Million More Subscribers

Mobile voice blogging service provider Bubble Motion has signed partnerships that will enhance its service throughout Japan. These include partnerships with Sony Music Network, Horipro, and soccer superstar and owner Yasuhiko Okudera. In May, Bubble Motion also expanded its service to bring voice blogging to more than 26 million of SoftBank Mobile’s subscribers throughout Japan.

Since launching Bubbly just one year ago, the service has been used by hundreds of celebrities, entertainers, sports stars, and musicians to keep their fans updated. Bubbly has catapulted to more than 10 million users in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and now Japan. The service has delivered more than 300 million messages in the last year alone.

Bubbly, best described as a “voice-based Twitter,” is a social messaging service where people share voice and text updates with friends, family, fans, and followers. Voice bloggers record status updates, in their own voices, and their followers are notified to click and listen. Carriers like SoftBank Mobile and KDDI have embedded the service on their networks, meaning that Bubbly is handset-agnostic, does not require any special applications to operate, and works seamlessly across all of their subscribers.

Participating in the SoftBank Mobile launch is Sony Music Network, which is using the service to connect artists with their Japanese fans. Celebrities will record their thoughts, opinions on current events, and generally share updates of their day-to-day lives.

"With the most tech-savvy population of any country, Bubbly and Japan are a great fit for each other," said Thomas Clayton, Bubble Motion President and CEO. "SoftBank Mobile, Sony Music Network, Horipro, and our other corporate partners have recognized the Japanese peoples' affinity towards social media and early adoption of mobile phone technology, which has resulted in this exciting partnership."

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