C Technologies Selects SVOX to Give Voice to the C-Pen Scanner

C Technologies, manufacturers of the C-Pen hand scanner and OCR solution, has integrated SVOX’s text-to-speech solution to enable C-Pen users to have printed text spoken out loud to assist with learning and the gathering of printed information.

The C-Pen allows users to scan texts from any location, and have the information decoded and transferred on to computers or a wide variety of smartphones. The C-Pen captures, compresses, and compiles important information from books, magazines, and documents and users can gather this information on the application of their choice.

Texts can now also be read aloud instantly using SVOX’s text-to-speech technology in a broad range of languages.

“Having considered various other options, we decided to work with SVOX due to the value and performance of its text-to-speech offering,” said Peter Johansson, CEO at C Technologies. “The ability to have texts read aloud accurately and immediately means that users can gather and absorb information in the way that’s most convenient to them, helping to facilitate learning and improve information retention. Users can also listen to texts in a variety of foreign languages, enhancing language learning skills and natural sounding pronunciation.”

“The C-Pen really revolutionises the way that people gather and use written information,” added Martin Reber, CEO of SVOX. “Instant scan-to-speech will allow students to approach learning in a new way, and we’re pleased to be working with C Technologies to make this happen. Different studying techniques work for different people, but having texts or key words read aloud is a popular method of learning. It’s exciting that this technology can be used across such a wide variety of languages and we’re excited to continue to work with C Technologies on a number of different applications in the future.”

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