CallMiner Launches Customer Engagement Analytics App Exchange

CallMiner, a provider of speech and customer engagement analytics, has launched Eureka Xchange, an app exchange for its Eureka 10 interaction analytics platform, as a public preview. Eureka Xchange can be accessed from CallMiner’s online community, EngagementOptimization.com.

From Eureka Xchange users can extend CallMiner Eureka with categories, search queries for automatically tagging customer interaction events relevant to their operations. These categories can be used immediately or modified. Example categories identify call openings and closings, timing objections and rebuttals, and TCPA and CFPB risks. Eureka Xchange will be expanding to allow Eureka users and CallMiner partners to share categories with other community members. The catalog of extensible components will expand to include solution packages, data visualizations, and training materials in future releases.

"I have seen first-hand how collaborative CallMiner's customers can be," said Scott Bakken, founder and partner at MainTrax, in a statement. "Moreover, the Xchange offers a great opportunity for Maintrax. We have developed several excellent churn models but lacked a way to introduce them to the market. With Eureka Xchange we can show potential clients the power of advanced speech analytics."

"When you invest in CallMiner Eureka, you aren't just getting a software tool. You are getting insights from our libraries, and you are getting the connections with countless users in the community who have already been working towards solving many of the business challenges you're facing," said Scott Kendrick, vice president of marketing at CallMiner, in a statement. "Eureka Xchange allows the community to drive the extensibility of the Eureka platform toward solving specific customer engagement analytics needs. Leveraging the community will drastically increase the value organizations can get from engagement analytics while decreasing the time to get there."

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